Local & International Bank Accounts

Gold Bank Account

Our flagship Gold Bank Account allows you to access your funds as you move around the world.

Our Gold Bank Account is available in Sterling, Euro or US dollar currencies – whichever arrangement best suits your everyday needs. The Gold Bank Account is an instant access account offering tiered rates of interest, which is also supported by a Gold Visa deferred-debit card.

Visa deferred-debit card

Your Visa deferred-debit card is linked to your Gold Bank Account and transactions are recorded individually against your account as they occur, allowing you to keep track of your spending throughout the month.

With a Visa deferred-debit card you can earn interest on money you have already spent for up to 30 days; as your Visa card transactions, except cash withdrawals, are only debited on the last working day of the calendar month for interest purposes. Cash withdrawals will be debited immediately.

For the latest rates offered on our Gold Bank Account, please see our Gold Bank Account interest rates

Features and benefits of our Gold Bank Account with Gold Visa deferred-debit card

  • Ease of Access - A Gold Visa deferred-debit card, accepted for purchases at retail outlets worldwide and enabling you to withdraw cash at 1.6 million ATMs in over 200 countries
  • Earning potential - Transactions (except cash withdrawals), are debited from your Gold Bank Account on the last day of the calendar month for interest purposes, so you can continue to earn interest on money you’ve already spent for up to thirty days
  • Control of Finances - Access to Internet Banking and Telephone Banking to help you keep track of your spending
  • Comfort - Free Global Card Assistance Service for immediate card cancellation if your card is lost or stolen
  • Emergency backup - A replacement card delivered to you worldwide within 48 hours or emergency cash advances of up to £500 through Visa
  • Multi currency – available in a choice of three currencies Sterling, Euro and Dollar

For more information on how the Gold Bank Account and Gold Visa deferred-debit card can benefit you, please read our Gold Bank Account Leaflet here

Direct access to your money

Visa is accepted at millions of retail outlets worldwide and 1.6 million ATMs in more than 200 countries and territories, so you can access your Gold Bank Account funds directly, anywhere, and at any time.

There are no charges for cash withdrawals in the same currency as your account. The maximum cash limit per withdrawal is £500, $1,000 or €750. When you withdraw cash or make a purchase in a different currency to that of your card, we will charge a foreign exchange commission , which will not exceed 3%.

Card usage levy

Some retailers or service providers may levy a surcharge if you use your Visa deferred-debit card to make payments for their goods or services. This is because, within the Visa transaction system, deferred-debit cards are treated as credit cards. Therefore, if a retailer or service provider advises you that there is a charge for their service, then a surcharge may be levied, this surcharge will apply to your transaction and will be debited from your account as part of your transaction.

Please also note that if retailers or service providers inform you that they do not accept credit cards then this means that they will not accept your deferred-debit card.

Verified by Visa

We offer Verified by Visa which protects your Visa card when purchasing online.

Verified by Visa is a free service designed to make it safer and more convenient for you to shop online at participating retailers using your Visa card. When ‘activating’ your card you will be asked to create your own secret password then every time you pay with your Visa card at a participating online retailer, you will be prompted to enter your secret password during checkout – just like entering a PIN at the ATM. In seconds, you gain important added protection when shopping online.

Read our Verified by Visa Leaflet