About Santander Private Banking

Santander UK plc, success resting on strong foundations

Santander Private Banking is the registered business name of Abbey National International Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santander UK plc.

Santander UK plc guarantees all cash deposits held with Abbey National International Limited, however this guarantee is dependent on the financial standing and solvency of Santander UK plc.

Santander UK plc operates under Santander Group’s ‘subsidiary model’. The subsidiary model works to ensure that all subsidiaries in the group operate on a standalone basis and effectively ringfences the subsidiary and retains funding and liquidity management at the local level.

Additionally, as a UK bank, Santander UK plc is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) in the UK. This reinforces the subsidiary model and ensures that capital and liquidity are maintained in the UK.

With more than 25 million customers, around 1200 branches and over 24,000 UK employees; Santander UK plc is one of the leading financial services providers in the UK1.

The Santander Group, Reassuringly Global

The Santander Group has achieved global success, with 155 years of history and over 102 million clients in more than 40 markets. The Santander Group holds a prominent position in international banking, with a solid base of retail and commercial banking and a high degree of geographical diversification 2.

The Santander Group has a client focused business model built on 6 key strengths1:

  • Largest bank in the eurozone by market value and one of the largest in the world
  • A solid, solvent bank, yielding strong results
  • A presence in 10 major markets
  • Among the world’s most efficient international banks (as measured by its cost income ratio)
  • Business model focused on prudent risk management
  • The fourth most valuable financial brand in the world in 2012

A relationship built on trust

We are committed to a consistently high level of personalised service, focused on building a close and long term relationship based on openness, credibility and confidentiality as we believe our client’s trust is our most valuable asset.

We offer a range of investment strategies, banking and saving products and services to help meet your financial needs.

This is Private Banking you can trust. Designed for you

1Source: Santander UK plc Quarterly Management Statement for the year ended 31 December 2012.

2Source: Banco Santander 2012 Financial Report.